$38.90 Fusion X universal futuristic marimba / vibraphone mallets

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Price is for 1 pair (2 pieces).

- Beutiful sound thanks to the mohair yarn

- Thin, flexible rattan handle

- Natural rubber core

- Sounds great in every style: chamber music, marching band, solo pieces

- Excellent weight

- Usable on marimba and vibraphone

Price: approx. $38.90 / pair

You can see the exact price before payment.

11,000 Ft

Fusion X is our most extraordinary mallet, breaking with all traditions and reforming our vision of marimba mallets. Let's see how!

- We have specifically designed it to be used everywhere: it sounds beautiful in the lower and upper octaves of the marimba, as well as on the vibraphone!

- The thin rattan handle is very flexible

- Really clear, "glassy" sound thanks to the mohair yarn

- Great futuristic design

- You can play solo marimba or vibraphone pieces, or use it in chamber music or in a marching band. You can play quiet, loud, soft or hard sounds with it. It's a medium hard marimba mallet, a medium soft marimba mallet AND a vibraphone mallet, too. At least 3 in 1!

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