$64 Spirit kalimba - 21 keys, unique handmade ocean design

SPIRIT is a 21-key kalimba with a unique, hand-made exotic epoxy decoration that makes its sound softer.

Its unusual appearance guarantees that it will not "face" you on the street.

Material: beech, mahogany, epoxy resin, stainless steel, natural coating
Size: 14x18 cm

What is a kalimba?

Kalimba is one of the most popular instruments today, its use is easy to learn from the internet. An extremely diverse instrument, it enchants audiences anywhere from big stage productions to street music. It is also increasingly used for meditative and sound therapeutic purposes.

For an easier start, we recommend that you mark the names of the sounds on it, to which we also add gift stickers.
For tuning and storage, we'll give you a hammer tuning your kalimba and a stylish, lined jute bag as a gift.

Advantages of SPIRIT kalimba:

- professional instrument, not a toy kalimba

- You can take it with you anywhere

- has a very clear, melodic voice

- 21 stainless steel sound bars (keys) allow you to play almost anything on it

- its voice is not very loud due to its material, it does not disturb the neighbors even in an apartment

- anyone can easily learn to play on it

- Mahogany base makes the sound of the bars even longer

- The end of the sound bars is slightly rounded, so you can play it comfortably for hours.

Price: approx. $64

24,000 Ft


You can listen to the beautiful sound of the SPIRIT kalimba here:

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