$27.90 Drum practice pad - Ashkatan VOTAN 12 inches

Out of stock

Price is for 1 piece.

Size: 12 inches (large)

Level: beginner, advanced

Material: durable compressed wood, silicone

Tips for use: for daily warm-up before practice

Ships from: Hungary, Europe

Price in USD: $24.90

8,300 Ft
      Really high quality and very durable product. Buy it at one time and use it for 20 years!
    • Safe and durable silicone head with zigzag surface for high quality feel
    • Good sound absorption effect and anti-slip back
    • It's a real monster: with 12" diameter it feels like a real drum
    • You can put it on a table, chair or even a real snare drum thanks for the anti-slip back
    • Can be placed on a snare drum stand for realistic practice feel
    • It has nice rounded edges, unlike practice pads from many other manufacturers

    I personally control the quality of every Ashkatan VOTAN drum practice pads. I use it as a drummer, and if you are not satisfied, I'll give you a full refund.

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