$22.00 Medium marimba mallets - Ashkatan S80 maple handle, green yarn

Price is for 1 pair (two pieces).

Sound: medium

Level: beginner, student

Materials: mountain maple, acrylic, rubber, cotton

Instrument: marimba

Tips for use: for younger students and beginners. Very durable.

Ship from: Hungary, Europe

Price in USD: $22.00 / pair

7,200 Ft

The S80 is a "tutti" (all octaves) marimba mallet, which is used in its entirety perfectly. It is ideal for large-scale marimba sound pieces. The first steps in the play of marimba is learned easily and quickly with these mallets. 

100% european product, made specifically for european and american classical percussion students. So:

  • NOT made of cheap materials.
  • DOESN'T break in two weeks, like Chinese marimba mallets.
  • I PERSONALLY try every pair of mallets before shipping -

I use these mallets every day in my work, so I know them very well. I used cheaper chinese mallets, but have bad experiences (nobody likes breaking marimba mallets...). And you may know, the most expensive marimba mallets are not always the best (I've used some of the big brands, and I know many of their mistakes).

--> I can honestly recommend every Ashkatan marimba mallets - and if you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund!

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