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New limited marimba mallets

The Kipchak R89 is our most popular marimba mallet, and now it has got a new LIMITED edition. The reason is that Kipchak series celebrates its fifth birthday this year. 

The new R89 is just the same as the original one: standard sound, wide tonal range, unique feeling and high durability.

MOSTLY the same. Because...

Its handle has got new surface, wich made of hard and flexible plastic and FULLY RESISTANT TO SWEATING.

It made with two different yarn, wich gives a really unique sound and FITS PERFECTLY WITH ALL TYPES OF MARIMBAS.

The new R89 has got a very new design, wich have NEVER SEEN on any marimba mallets yet. It's a really futuristic mallet, and honestly

I love it;)


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Ashkatan is one of Hungary's most popular marimba mallet manufacturers. We are honored to now not only in Hungary but also worldwide, we serve all customer's need. Check out our offer! 

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