Welcome to the international shop of marimba mallets

I'm Domoki Soma, a classical percussion music teacher and manufacturer of Ashkatan marimba mallets and percussion accessories.

Why are Ashkatan products so special?

First, because I not only control their production, but also use them as a percussionist. So I know all of their features and can easily respond to any questions, happy to help with the choice and give advice to percussionists from my own experience.

Furthermore, because we have an extremely well mechanized factory. The goal is that each marimba mallets be exactly the same. This is easy with our machines: planers, saws and lathes, special turning knives, and our pride, the mallet winding machine, which was built specifically for this unique manufacturing process.

Third, because Ashkatan's products are cheekily cheap. Ashkatan mallets are the WORLD'S CHEAPEST NON-CHINESE marimba mallets - and that's actually what led us to success. But you can learn more about this by reading our story;)

Fourth, because we are expanding at an amazing rate. Almost every month, a new country appears in our shipping addresses. In 2017, when we launched an english website, we saw our main target audience in American percussionists - we now ship marimba mallets from Belgium through Switzerland to Australia and Hong Kong. This is a completely unique reference, as domestic buyers can also be sure that they can play with internationally recognized mallets.

Last but not least, because we have serious goals. We want to come up with completely new products in the future: in addition to triangulum beaters and practice pads, we  will make drum beaters, cajons and other percussion instruments, music teaching supplies and many other specialties. In addition, we invest a lot of energy in innovations: we are constantly developing our existing products, experimenting with new materials and solutions every month. We have many ideas that have not been implemented by other manufacturers - we hope to share them with you soon :)

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