Christmas present 2021


The year is over again. And just like last year, we're giving you a special gift now. To whom? For you, for ourselves, and for everyone. Not just for those who use marimba mallets, but - that sounds a little crazy, I know - for all of humanity.

But how? The answer is simple: biodiversity is disappearing, with some estimates suggesting that 70% of the vertebrate population has disappeared from the Earth in the last fifty years. And we can only do something against it if everyone adds their little help. Everybody have countless opportunities to do something, but it is especially important for businesses to take action. That is why we have decided to please Mother Nature every year, at Christmas, with some kind of gift. There really isn't much we can do, but don't be discouraged: every little thing matters.

And what is our gift this year? We adopted a baby bear, not in support of some abstract, distant cause, but we sent money directly to the bears in the Carpathians.

Last year, I wrote a fairly long, four-part series of articles in the subject, trying to emphasize the importance of such contributions, and nature conservation in general. This year, I decided not to devote more daily work to emphasizing the importance of the topic. I'd rather share some simple, practical links with you so you can help too.

By implementing one of the following ideas, you too can be part of conserving biodiversity. You don't have to tie yourself to a tree or sink whaling boats. You can do it from home, almost from your armchair, for our common future. So let's see!

1. Adopt a real bear!

The role of brown bears, wolves and other large carnivores in conserving biodiversity is extremely important. A number of studies in recent decades have shown that the spread of large carnivores in a forest contributes much more to the conservation of vegetation and soil than the most precise human labor. How? By balancing the number of herbivores. You wouldn't think so, but the fact that herbivores are afraid of bears or wolves is holding back their "overconsumption."

It's your turn now! Here you can join WWF's adoption program and adopt a wolf, bear, tiger, or even a polar bear. The foster parent's diploma can also be sent as a gift, and depending on the amount offered, there will be a plush figure and a Christmas candle ... and lots and lots of pride :)

2. Keep track of your ecological footprint

You can track your ecological footprint with the WWF's My Footprint app. That is, to put it simply, you can see how many people you are consuming instead. Very interesting and useful app that will help you realize a little bit about how important you are to the planet. Every little bit of your deeds counts, as the planet could comfortably support 8 billion people, except we currently don't consume as "one man per person". By downloading the app, you may even realize that you are consuming instead of two or three people. If so, then the app will help you reduce this number. Think about it, if 8 billion people each consume instead of 3 people, it's like we already have 24 billion people on the planet! So yes, it's not just politicians and billionaires who can do something. Your little deeds also matter. If you can take your ecological footprint to 1 or below with the app, you've done everything you could.

4. Do something small every week

The EU has posted a very super publication that I have shared on the site before. The little booklet contains 52 tips, one more little thing each week, specifically designed to help conserve biodiversity. It really isn't a big deal, but if everyone only accomplished half of it, our lives would change significantly.

Unfortunately, the publication did not reach many people, I found it specifically when I typed the keywords "biodiversity ideas" into the google search bar. And I don't think people do this often. But you don't have to do, because you can click here to browse the little booklet. Believe me, it's worth it, it's an interesting read. And the new year is perfect for you to start saving biodiversity from week to week;)

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions or feedback, you can write to me by clicking here.

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The year is over again. And just like last year, we're giving you a special gift now. To whom? For you, for ourselves, and for everyone. Not just for those who use marimba mallets, but - that sounds a little crazy, I know - for all of humanity.

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