The Ashkatan Sutai marimba mallets are now available with BIRCH handles!

Our Sutai standard is aligned to the needs of a professional performer in everything. Weight and structure follows the latest world trends. In many respects it thanks its beautiful voices and flexibility to our unique innovations, which almost turns the mallet alive in our hands. If you want to bring out your best, choose the Sutai series!

Each pair of mallets is sorted by our specialists and they account the compile of sets:

the weight of the stick

weight proportion of head's outer and inner layers

location of mallet's weight center

the handles flexibility

grain of handles

The above criteria are complied with the greatest possible precision, which is due to say: all mallets are the same perfectly within a set.

We recommend Sutai mallets especially for adult musicians, because its weight exceeds the othermallets' weight considerably. This feature lends solid, rich voice to each mallet. Their handle is made from multiple selected mountain maple, which provides the suppleness and flexibility to them against the birch wood. They are usable on all types and brands of marimba equally. The threads of Sutai series are made from secret ingredients in full and the result of several years of research form. We invested the emphasise to achieve the perfect sound of course, but we took into account other aspects, such as the durability of the mallet.

Price: $ 28.99/pair