To make really unique our marimba mallets, new innovation strategy has been introduced, which thanks to some brand-new ideas have been published recently in the manufacturing process of the Ashkatan marimba mallets.

2018. 07. 11.:

What you need to know about birch marimba mallet shafts

Birch is among the most sought-after wood in the manufacture of speaker cabinets. Birch has a natural resonance that peaks in the high and low frequencies, which are also the hardest for speakers to reproduce.[citation needed] This resonance compensates for the roll-off of low and high frequencies in the speakers, and evens the tone. Birch is known for having "natural EQ".
Birch drums have a natural boost in the high and low frequencies, which allows the drums to sound fuller.
These attributions makes the birch a perfect marimba mallet shaft material.
Who do we recommend to the birch marimba mallets?
It is dedicated primarily to those who expect a traditional, common sense of play from marimba mallets. Anyone who's ever used Ashkatan marimba mallets, knows what it's like to have an "Ashkatan feeling". The maple that we use is flexible, and with a hairline (0.3 mm) ) thicker than commonly used shafts. Therefore, it gives you an extra boost that makes the play unique.
The feeling of the birch is more "standardised", because most commonly used marimba mallets are made of this material. It was just because of the general use and the sense of playing that we decided to use birch, too. We've been looking for the right source for months, and we've tried countless materials before we've found the best possible American Birch for the new Ashkatan mallets.
Of course, the maple handles continue to be one of the secrets of the Ashkatan play-feeling, so no one has to be afraid of taking the maple handles out of traffic. From now on, we'll use both materials equally.

But there's something that we loves better. The power of CHANCES.

So we decided to give a new chance for You: from the next week, we offer more and more Ashkatan marimba mallets with also MAPLE and BIRCH handles!

More informations coming soon!

2017. 09. 20.:

New marimba mallets available!

Ashkatan Kipchak F86 and N95 marimba mallets are now available on new stores.

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2017. 06. 28.:

We have got a new "employee" here on a high performance grinding machine:)
Thanks for its presence, we can work in higher quality with lower amount of refuse, and we can make more mallet shafts from the same amount of wood.

It's very important, because the high quality mountain maple is a very rare and pretty expensive material.
So, in consequence, thanks for our new machine, the Ashkatan mallets won't be more expensive in the next years. Finally, it's a big step in environmental protection in Europe.

2017. 04. 18.: Z65 HAS A NEW SKIN!

The Ashkatan Kipchak Z65 marimba mallet has got a new color!
It's a temporary change, because now we are working on totally new technologies to make our marimba mallets more professional.
As a result of this, soon you will see a totally new Z65 with a totally new design.

2017. 04. 03.: 

There's an unmissable offer on!

Now you can purchase 10 pairs of Ashkatan S70 and S80 Student Series marimba mallets at a lower price!

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2017. 03. 20.: We are international!

We are honored to now not only in Hungary but also worldwide, we serve all percussionist's need.

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2016. 07.: Differently from other marimba mallets, the material of handle is made of special quality high mountain maple wood, that is exposed to physical effects such as extreme temperature fluctuations or powerful storms in natural environment. This is why the power and flexibility ratio is the most balanced in this species: which handle is a little more durable mallet than the marimba Ashkatan mallet that is much unflexible. The same is true vice versa: which is more flexible than the Ashkatan mallet, that is less long-term. We decided after much experimentations, we do not copy from other companies, but we start to apply this excellent type of wood on a unique way. Fortunately, it seems we chosen well because theirs flexibility surpass the commonly used mallet handles, so the treat of play is truly unforgettable with Ashkatan marimba mallets. We recommend them everyone heartily!

2016. 06.: The service of handles' surface does not require a lot of energy of the denser and more inflexible material, but in case of Ashkatan mallets, this is a longthy and complicated process in consequence of more flexible and looser structure of mountain maple. To protect the original flexibility of maple we take up ten layers surface service materials so we safe the permanence of our sticks' handle. A layer thickness is less than a hundredth of a millimeter, and each layer forms active and flexible surface to "clinging" the previous surface. (Visual way of example: we can bend in two a phone book easily, but we could not bend the same thickness pressed solid block of paper.) This process can take several days in most cases, and it results a very durable, glossy surface like varnish.

However, we can transform this shiny, slick surface into natural for comfortable using. Therefore, in conclusion we coat our sticks a special unpolished material, which makes virtually invisible and unpalpable the previous layers to the untrained eyes. We achieve with this that our marimba mallets produce a quite natural sense for everyone.